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An independent, coed K-12 day school in 亚特兰大



athletics at lovett

Riverbank Pride

体育运动 Aid in Developing the Whole Child

体育运动 and Physical Education play vital roles in Lovett's mission to educate the whole child. Our Lions are offered a range of developmentally appropriate experiences from early childhood programs in the 较低的学校 through competitive varsity sports in the 上学校. Physical education and interscholastic athletic programs provide opportunities for students to grow physically, 社会, and emotionally.


体育运动 by the Numbers

Lovett baseball has been an incredible experience with a lot of good memories. The skills and lessons I have acquired so far have allowed me to grow as an athlete and a person. I have learned more about teamwork, 领导, time management, and character building while playing at Lovett than anywhere else.

丹尼尔地空导弹 '24

I love playing lacrosse at Lovett! Being part of a team at Lovett has been such a great experience because I have made great friends, and I am always improving as an athlete.

Carlisle Stone '25

My athletic experiences at Lovett have definitely been unforgettable. Even through the ups and downs of the season, when our team really comes together and plays the best we can, it is an amazing thing to see.

取得Frett '25

These past couple of years on cheer have been so much fun! I have made so many valuable friendships and created so many memories. I definitely would say that cheerleading has been a prominent part of my Lovett experience, and I am so grateful for it!

安娜Jaje '24

Lovett athletics require a lot of work, but it’s exciting to go out there and give your best effort. It’s always fun to improve and win, but it’s the people that I get to spend time with that make sports like basketball and track such enjoyable experiences.

威廉Zelnak '24

Football players ripping through banner